The Brand

About Our Brand

Outcome Threads is a brand that started in Houston that is dedicated and influenced by the fashion industry globally. We strongly emphasize the youth over product and quality over quantity. In 2016 we created the logo silhouette of a giraffe & bow-tie. Outcome Threads consist of t-shirts, headwear, and outerwear. 

The Logo

Outcome Threads logo of a Giraffe with a Bow-tie is a conversation piece to say the least. The Giraffe head represents the ability as a tall mammal to eat in places other animals of the jungle can not reach. The Giraffe is also considered a genius amongst its kind. The Bow-tie that is attached to the giraffe represents the human being. The human being often times have to have the ability to adapt in the world in which we live in, making us stronger by the day.......the logo represents..... PROGRESS, from the jungle to the streets.​

Eat Till You Get Full But Stay Hungry...